Computer hacking, emails and indications of Russian involvement have evolved into a political issue in the presidential campaign between Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This week, Trump encouraged Russia to seek and release more than 30,000 other missing emails deleted by Clinton, the former secretary of state. Democrats accused him of trying to get a foreign adversary to conduct espionage that could affect this November’s elections, but Trump later said he was merely being sarcastic.

News614: Commentary

The Democratic Party’s accomplices in the leftist news media are trying to spin the cyber-security incident against the DNC as some kind of plot by Russia to help Donald Trump win the election on the assumption that Trump will be more accommodating with Russia. Why would Putin prefer Trump as President when, under Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, he was able to invade Crimea, annex portions of the Ukraine, get access to trillions of dollars of Black Sea oil and gas, station Russian troops in Syria, maintain his buddy Assad as dictator, sign a defense pact with Syria, Iran and Iraq (who we put in power) and win Russia a sphere of influence in the Middle East? Putin accomplished all this under the tenure of Secretary of State Clinton. Common sense tells me that it would be more advantageous for Putin if Hillary Clinton is in charge of U.S. foreign policy over Trump any day.


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