WASHINGTON (AP) — The uproar over Donald Trump’s criticism of a bereaved Army family put vulnerable GOP senators in a tight spot, underscoring anew the political challenges created for Republicans by their newly minted presidential nominee. And with the general election campaign now squarely underway, the firestorm over Trump’s attacks on the Khan family is likely just a taste of trials to come as Republicans negotiate how closely to align with their volatile nominee.


The Republicans are so off base on the issue of the Khan Family. Khan’s son volunteered to fight on behalf of America against the Islamic terrorists. He was killed by Islamic terrorist. Why in God’s or Allah’s name would his parents criticize a presidential candidate whose goal to keep American’s safe from an influx of Islamic terrorism into the United States? The very same Islamic terrorists who killed their son.

The Republicans have to get their heads on straight and start aiming their criticism at the the Democratic candidate whose misguided refugee plan will only create more terrorist acts in the United States.


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